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Commander Charles D. Allen Jr. (1925-2002)

Commander Charles D. Allen Jr. (1925-2002) — 9 November 1963 through 17 July 1965

Commander Allen was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1925. He is the son of Lila Hammett Allen and the late Charles D. Allen. He was graduated from Yale University, and commissioned Ensign from the Naval ROTC Unit there, in October 1945.

Following graduation, he served in various destroyers, primarily in the Atlantic Fleet, his latest destroyer billet prior to commissioning GOLDSBOROUGH was Executive Officer of the USS O’HARE (DDR-889) in 1959-60. He has also served in an LST, an ice-breaker, and the light cruiser ROANOKE (CL-145).

His shore duty has included assignment to the Special Projects Office of the then Bureau of Ordnance, for work on development of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Weapon System (Polaris). During 3 years in that office he served as Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Director, Special Projects, and later as Assistant Technical Plans Officer and U.S. Air Force and Royal Navy Liaison Officer. In 1960 he was ordered to the Staff of the Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force in Norfolk, Virginia, serving thereon as TERRIER Missile Project Officer and TERRIER branch head. Subsequent to this assignment he attended the Armed Forces Staff College, also at Norfolk, graduating in June of 1963.

Commander Allen is married to the former Anne Howell of Richmond, Virginia. They have three children Margaret, Richard and Nancy.

(Biography from the 1965 cruise book.)


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