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Reunion 2023 - Nashville, TN

Thanks to Pat and Connie Taylor for coordinating this year’s annual Goldsborough reunion in

Nashville. Another great reunion is in the history books. On Sunday, from meeting and greeting our old shipmates and families to seeing some shipmates that we haven’t seen in more years than we would like to believe, it was a great time. I am glad some of our shipmates have better memories than I do as there was many sea stories told that brought back some great old times on the Goldy or in some of the exotic ports we visited.

Monday, we toured the Jack Daniels Distillery and then as usual we had to have a great meal

which was at Mary Bo Bos.

Tuesday, we had transportation to downtown Nashville and spent time touring the many Honky

Tonks and bars and listening to some great musicians.

Wednesday was a free day to do as you wanted. From hanging around the hospitality room,

going to Opry Mills for shopping, or walking around the Opryland Hotel there was plenty see and do. As always, there were many great restaurants including the local American Legion to find some great food and maybe a drink or two.

Thursday, we had our annual meeting where we reelected Jim Vallin and Paul Scheppers as our

President and Vice President. Linda and Mike Nowak gave a report on next years reunion in

Wilmington, North Carolina. It will be held on October 6 th through the 10 th 2024. It was voted to have the 2025 reunion return to Las Vegas with Bob Franklin and Tom Weaver coordinating. A great meal that evening was followed by the annual auction where auctioneer Taylor kept the money and jokes moving along. Farewells were said through the night and in the morning as we all started heading home.

We are all looking forward to next year when we can meet again. Hopefully we can continue to

get some more new shipmates to attend and continue to have our regulars group continue to grow as we get new shipmates become regulars.

See you in Wilmington!

2023 Reunion Conclusion Website
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2023 Goldsborough Reunion Letter
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