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Latest News and Relevant Information

Ahoy shipmates, spouses, and friends!

Welcome to the new USS Goldsborough DDG20 Association website. We are moving forward with getting the website easier to navigate for you to keep up with what is going with the Association and also easier for us to keep it up to date.

Pictures of the Goldy are across the top and you can navigate through them to see what you remember of the ship. We are getting the reunion pages updated to see the information from past reunion as well as photos from that year. As you navigate through the site you will see it will be easier to search for shipmates on the contact page by year of service, name, etc. We are also adding the state they live in so you can see who is close by. As this is being upgraded, please check your email addresses to make sure they are up to date.

The website is also making it easier to contact us if you want to add something to the website or just comments or concerns. Also we are adding a place for shipmate news. If there is something happening with you or a shipmate that would be of interest to others, we can add it in. The departed shipmates list is now a list of names to make it easier to search and then click on the name for more information.

The project of upgrading the website has been ongoing, but it is a project for all shipmates and friends. If you see something that you like, don’t like, want more or less, please contact any of the officers with suggestions. It may take some time to work out all the issues but hopefully everyone will enjoy the new site.



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