Dear Shipmates:

As we approach the holiday season, I wish to extend to all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday whichever you choose and hope that the new year brings health, happiness and comfort to all.

Please take this Thanksgiving to reflect on all the good things in your life.  Remember our service men and women that will be away from family and loved ones.

                                                                         For the Association
                                                                          Robert Franklin


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Mission Statement:

The purpose of the USS GOLDSBOROUGH (DDG-20) Association is to promote camaraderie among those who served in USS GOLDSBOROUGH DDG-20. This website is commissioned to maintain the ship’s history, and to provide a forum where crew members may become re-acquainted.

Original Association By-Laws
Association By-Laws (rev. 2007)


All former crew members of any ship to bear the name USS GOLDSBOROUGH are eligible for membership – dues are $10.00 per year.

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