Ahoy Shipmates,

Another great reunion is over.  Paul and Staci did a great job in organizing the Oklahoma City reunion.  From the somber trip through the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, the boat trip on the river (to bad the locks were broke), the 45th Infantry museum, and the Western Heritage museum, I believe everyone enjoyed the scheduled tours.  Then there was the free day to enjoy all the other sights and sounds of Oklahoma City.  Some hit the casinos, don’t know if anyone hit it big, to enjoying a meal and a beverage or two on the downtown canal, there was plenty to do.  As always, the hospitality room was busy with shipmates and friends rehashing sea stories, with some new shipmates bringing some new stories, to the band picking and grinning and enjoying a beverage or two.  The band even had a guest singer from the Fiddler on the Roof troupe, that was playing in town, who stop in and join them.  The banquet meal was excellent and the auction with Pat Taylor, the joking auctioneer, kept the fun going. 

At the meeting, it was voted to go to Tuscan in 2021.  The Biller’s are working on the 2020 reunion which will be in Buffalo, New York, October 4-8, at the Millenium Hotel.  Mark your calendar!   

If you ever have the chance to attend one of the reunions, I am sure you will have a great time.

Bill Biller HT2  77-81



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