2020 REUNION registration

Shipmates and friends,

What a year so far.  Hopefully you and your family are getting through this pandemic with no serious issues.  When it first started with the stay at home orders, one of the jokes I got was about being at sea for 30 or 40 days was about the same as the stay at home orders.  But it has went past that. 

We are just starting to get back to somewhat normal in Ohio, whatever that normal will be, we will have to wait and see.  With all the cancellations this year, I have been in contact with the people in Buffalo who are helping with our Goldsborough reunion.  They are a little behind Ohio in opening things back up, but they are hoping things will be good to go by October.  Right now we are going to stay on track and keep the 2020 Goldsborough reunion scheduled.  We know some will not be able to make the trip because of some of the restrictions.  Hopefully most restrictions will be lifted by October and we will have another great reunion.  Obviously, the itinerary of the reunion is subject to change as some of the planned activities might be restricted.  The folks in Buffalo are very willing to work with us if it will work out.  Obviously if none of the attractions in the area will be open, we will probably have to put the reunion off for the year.

Living in the country where my wife and I live, we don’t have a real good idea of how things are around the rest of the country.  It isn’t like you can watch the news anymore and really know what is going on.  We would like to do an informal survey to see how many shipmates and friends are planning on coming to the reunion in Buffalo this year if we have it.  Please send me an email at pibiller@gmail.com and let me know if you will attend if we have it or won’t attend this year.  No obligation to attend if you say yes, just want to get an idea of how many will come this year if we can have it.

After we get an idea of how many will attend and see how things are in Buffalo, the officers will make a decision at least a month before the reunion.  If you send in reunion registrations, checks will not be cashed in until we have decided.

Please let me know if you would attend or any ideas you might have in the next couple weeks.

Bill Biller , HT2  77-81
USS Goldsborough Association Treasurer



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