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Well,  another great reunion is over.  We had a great turnout and everyone had a great time in Reno.  Thanks to Sue and Chip Chapin for setting it up.  I love getting to go around the country and seeing all the different scenery this great country has to offer.  Virginia City was a great trip and the Memorial Service was well done as always. I didn’t realize there was so much mining done there.  I was looking for Hoss, but he must have had to stay at the Ponderosa.  I would like to thank Bob Franklin and Tom Weaver for setting up the extra trip to NAS Fallon.  It was another one of those trips that just make it another reason to go to a reunion.  It was a very interesting tour and we had a great guide that answered our questions.  A great meal also.  The Saltoriya show Tuesday night at the Eldorado was at times unbelievable.  I still can’t see how those 2 girls got in that box.  Wednesday’s lunch cruise on Lake Tahoe was everything you would want in a lunch cruise.  Beautiful scenery, a great meal, and a great bunch of shipmates to enjoy it with.  The Thursday morning meeting took care of business and Thursday nights banquet and auction went great as always with Pat Taylor getting the laughs and the best price for some unique items for sale.  It was voted to have the 2017 reunion in Savanah, Georgia, so put that on your list.  The only thing that could of made this reunion better if the slot machines could of been a little nicer to me.

Pat Taylor has been in contact with Sue Rentz and has made the trip to New Orleans and met up with Mike Crumpton to get the2016 Reunion set up.  They have the reunion set for Oct. 2nd – 7th 2016 at Maison St. Charles Hotel and Suites. The Reunion Flyer and registration form is attached.  It looks like it will be another reunion to remember.  Shipmates if at all possible try to get to one of our reunions, I am sure you will be glad you did.  We will keep the website updated with any new reunion information as it becomes available.

At the 2016 annual Goldsborough Association meeting, a vote will be held to amend the Bylaws to change the date dues are due from Oct 1st to December 31st for the next year.

Current By-Laws are as follows: “2. Membership:

Any former or present crewmember of any ship bearing the name USS Goldsborough is eligible for membership. Widows of former crewmembers shall be offered Honorary Membership in the Association. Spouses of any eligible crewmember shall be granted Honorary Membership with all Association Rights & Privileges provided their spouses are in good standing. For the purpose of formation of the Association, the annual dues shall be twenty dollars per annum ($20.00), Dues will be $10.00 per year. Dues will be paid annually prior to October 1st. Members with dues owing will have their voting rights held in abeyance until said dues are made current. Dues for membership in the Association shall be set at reunion meetings.

(Amended 7/26/2005) (Amended 9/20/2007)

Any member in good standing or any other person eligible for membership in the USS GOLDSBOROUGH Association may purchase a lifetime membership for a one time fee of $100.00. A lifetime membership card will be issued to this member and their lifetime membership shall become a part of the Association’s permanent minutes and the Treasurer’s annual report. Dues are payable by October 1st of each year after which an annual membership card will be issued to all current paid members.”

This will make it easier to keep track of who is up to date on dues.

Hope to see you at a reunion soon,

Bill Biller HT2 77-81

USS Goldsborough Treasurer

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All former crew members of any ship to bear the name USS GOLDSBOROUGH are eligible for membership – dues are $10.00 per year or $100 for lifetime membership.

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