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To the Crew:

Summer is here and things are getting busy.  I’m looking forward to the reunion in Reno August 23-28, 2015.  It will be a welcome relief.

Reno is close to NAS Fallon, the home of Top Gun.  We are making arrangements for those who wish to go on the Top Gun Tour on Tuesday and will need the final count of who is going by the first week in August.  If you intend to go, please let me know so that transportation can be arranged.  Depending on the number going, there could be an extra charge for transportation.

Hope to see you in Reno.

For the Association
Robert Franklin

2015 Reno Reunion,  Reunion Registration Form

The following shipmates have registered for the reunion:

Shipmate                             Guests
Bill Biller                              Pat Biller, Tom Biller & Patty Biller
Gary Buxengard                 Jan Lee Buxengard
Chip Chapin                        Sue Chapin
John Cleveland
Yvonne Cole                       Rachel Short
Joe Collins                           Inez Collins
Mike Crumpton                 Jane Crumpton
Refugio De La Rosa           Josephine De La Rosa

Bob Franklin                       Jean Franklin
Jim Free                               Lucille Free
Jim Ford

Jim Haag                              Tony Haag, Sue Haag
Bernie Hildebrand
Scott Hilliard
Dennis Jones                      Kathy Jones
Rob Kasulke                        Denise Kasulke
Richard Lindsay                  Tana Lindsay
Raul “Qman” Queri
Roy Satterstrom                 Christine Satterstrom
Bill Schmitt                          Marilyn O’Barr
David Schmitt                     Linda Schmitt
Terry Sullivan                     Theresa Sullivan
James Swartz
Pat Taylor                            Connie Taylor
Harvey Tillman                   Kathie Tillman
Jim Vallin                             Debbie Vallin
James Villasenor
Pete Villasenor

Dan Vliek                             Susan Vliek

Max Vonderhorst
Tom Weaver                      Wanda Weaver, Kim Weaver
Parker Willey                     Sue Willey
Don Zeimantz, Jr.              

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