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Purpose: The USSGA scholarship program provides financial support to individuals who served in Goldsborough and their direct descendents for their pursuit of educational training as a means of career and personal advancement.

Eligibility: Applicant must:

  • have served in Goldsborough or have direct next-of-kin who served in Goldsborough.
  • have completed two semesters (or equivalent e.g. quarters/classes or sessions) of academic work in the last 18 months. Grades for these classes must be available to the Scholarship Committee by interview time or by arrangement with co-chairs.
  • not have received more than two USSGA scholarships toward the same degree.
  • be a current member of the USS GOLDSBOROUGH ASSOCIATION (form for USSGA membership can be filed with the scholarship application).

Note: This award is offered in addition to any other educational support.

Selection Criteria: Qualified applicants are judged in five areas:

  1. Education Goals
  2. Education History
  3. Transcripts
  4. Statement of Objectives
  5. Community Service

How to Apply:  Contact a Co-Chair for questions: Chip Chapin ( or Connie Taylor (

Deadline: May 15, 2023 (Transcript extension may be available by contacting co-chairs.)

Donations: Contributions to the USSGA Scholarship Fund in any amount are welcome. Send your checks payable to U.S.S. GOLDSBOROUGH DDG-20 ASSOCIATION in care of Bill Biller.

Funded by USSGA and donations. U.S.S. Goldsborough DDG-20 Association is a resource for improving the quality of life by providing encouragement and support for education, information exchange, and community outreach. Membership is open to all individuals who served in Goldsborough.