2021 Meeting Minutes



Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM by President Gary Buxengard

Opening prayer by Gary Buxengard.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Joke by Gary Buxengard – Ole and Lena Church (Sven & Ole)

Reading of the minutes from 2019 by Christine Satterstrom (Covid postpones 2020 reunion).  Minutes were approved by group vote.

Treasurer Report by Bill Biller – Audit was done by Gary Buxengard and Christrine Satterstrom.  Balance as of the start of the reunion – $28,248 (approx.)  After reunion $23,000 (approx.).  Books are open to anyone to view.  Treasurer report approved by a unanimous group vote.

Scholarship Report:  Chip Chapin reported we had three scholarships given to Arron Flores, Lexi Caulder and Alexander Schmitt.

2022 Reunion Report – No information at this time.  Larry & Cindi Fry had to return home emergency.  As soon as we have dates and info, it will be posted on the website.

New Business:
Election of Officers:  President & Vice-President.  No nominations from the floor.  Jim Vallin informed us he would do it if we have no one else interested.  Jim Vallin unanimous vote by group.  Vice-President – Paul Schepers volunteered from the floor to take position.  Paul Schepers unanimouse vote by group.
President – Jim Vallin
Vice-President – Paul Schepers
Thanks to Gary Buxengard for his time and dedication to the Association as President.

2023 Reunion Site – Central Time Zone.  Suggestions made but no hosts.  Pat & Connie Taylor volunteered to host in Nashville area.  Ralph McArtor made a motion to accept; Dale Markuszka seconded; vote by the group unanimous.

Thanks to Bill & Pat Biller for a great reunion.

Bill Biller suggested if you are interested in planning a reunion, contact the visitor bureau of the area.

Pat Biller and Christrine Satterstrom suggested we hire a company to do our website as our current system is too complicated to navigate.  We would also want no links to be added (advertising and such).  Donna made a motion to hire a company; Jim Haag second; unanimous vote from the group.

Dues to suspend until needed.  Discussion was had.  Denise Kasulke made a motion to suspend dues until further notice.  Staci Schepers second.  Unanimous vote from the group.

Donations:  1. Sullivan Restoration – Mike Crumpton made a motion to donate $200.00; Ted Wolf seconded; unanimous vote from the group.  2. Girls from the breakfast buffet – a tip of $100.00 unanimous vote from the group.  The girls did a great job.

Reminder to meet for pictures at 5:30pm.  Jan Lee Buxengard will be filling in for Pat Taylor.  Thanks, Jan Lee for preserving our Buffalo Reunion.

Meeting closed at 10 AM by Gary Buxengard.