2019 Meeting Minutes

2019 Annual Business Meeting
Oklahoma City

Gary Buxengard called the meeting to order at 9 am.

Gary lead us in an opening prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gary Buxengard told an Ollie and Leana joke (Minnesota State Fair Helecopter).  Same joke as year before, this is under debate.

Old Business:
Christine Satterstrom read the minutes from the 2018 meeting in San Diego.  Minutes were approved by a group vote.

Treasurer Report:  Transaction report was distributed by Bill Biller for review.  He reported he still had to take care of the $200 donation to the Tin Can Sailors.  Gary Buengard & Jim Vallin audited the treasurer report.  Heriberto Garza moved to accept the report as presented.  Jim Haag second.  Motion carried.

Scholarship Report:  Chip Chapin reported that we had given three scholarships this year.  We had no one from the previous year and this year we had three very qualified candidates.  Chip and the committee checked with the officers before going ahead with notifying the candidates.  Recipients of the 2019 scholarships are:
Adam Haag – Jim Haag sponsor
Carter Hazen – Ralph McCartor sponsor
Baily Moraine – Robert Franklin sponsor

2020 Buffalo Reunion Report
Reunion will be October 4-8 at the Millenium Hotel, Buffalo,  Room Rates:  Deluxe King $109.00; Deluxe Double Queen $109.00.  Hotel is 3 miles from the airport, shuttle, free parking and breakfast.  Possible sites:  Maid of the Mist Niagara Falls, Naval Park Submarine, Made In America store – Five & Dime.  Watch the Goldsborough website for registration and itinerary.

Adams is scrapped.  The Navy is trying to find another ship for Jacksonville.

New Business:
Election of Officers:  Treasurer and Secretary.
Pat Taylor made a motion that we keep the officers the same; seconded by Heriberto Garza.  Unanimous vote by a raise of hands.  Bill Biller continues as treasurer and Christine Satterstrom as secretary.

2021 Reunion Location – Pacific Time Zone
Las Vegas, Hosts Bob Franklin & Tom Weaver         18
Phoenix/Tucson, Hosts Larry & Cindi Fry                25
Phoenix/Tucson will be the site of the 2021 reunion and hosted by Larry & Cindi Fry.

Donation to the 45th.  Billl Biller suggested to buy a brick.  Mike Crumpton made a motion to buy a brick; Paul Schepers seconded; group vote by a raise of hands – unanimous.

Bill Biller brought our attention to bring down the balance of our checking account to charge less for the reunion registration fee.  Just a possible idea.

Bob Franklin suggested that for the 23rd anniversary of the association, we try to plan for Hawaii.  This would be after Tucson.  Motion made to table until next year, Mike Crumpton seconded.

Website:  Christine Satterstrom and Pat Biller will update.  Limit number of pictures and years of minutes.  Also if anyone has any objection to have their address and email being distributed to the association members, please contact Pat Biller.

Staci Schepers has setup a Goldy Girls Group on Facebook.  If you wish to join, contact Staci to join.

George Sullivan was not able to attend but sent a donation for the auction.

Christine Satterstrom read a letter she received from a student who used the Goldsborough as part of her her school project.

Thank-you letters were read from our three scholarship recipients:  Adam Haag, Bailey Moraine and Carter Hazen.

Connie Taylor asked if the ladies would like backpacks or bag.  Some were interested in trying a backpack.

Thank-you to Paul & Staci Schepers for a great hotel and reunion.  Great job!

Meet at 5:30 pm for pictures.

Pat Taylor motioned to adjourn; seconded Ted Wolff; motion carried.  Meeting closed at 10:01 am by President Gary Buxengard.