2018 Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Business Meeting
San Diego

President Gary Buxengard called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Gary Buxengard lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gary Buxengard followed with a joke.

Christine Satterstrom read the minutes from the 2017 meeting.  Gary Buxengard moved the minutes be accepted as read.  Seconded by Bill Biller

Bill Biller read the treasurer report.  After expenses and the auction, we will be at 26,000 to 27,000.  Gary Buxengard audited the account.  The audit was views by Christine Satterstrom and Jim Vallin.  Pat Taylor moved that the report be accepted.  Seconded by Chip Chapin and Jim Haag.

Scholarship report:  Chip Chapin reported that we had no applicants this year.  He encouraged members to have family members apply.  Connie Taylor explained how to apply, by the deadline of May 15th. Info is on the Goldsborough website.

Old Business
2019 reunion will be in Oklahoma City hosted by Paul and Staci Schepers.  It will be September 29 to October 4 at the Best Western Saddleback Inn.  Reservation can be made 2 days before and 2 days after for the reunion rate.  Hospitality Room will be the Mesa Room.  $84.99 – King; $89.9 Double Queen. Free parking.  Plenty of restaurants within 3 miles.  Airport is 5 miles away. Plenty to see and do: Myriad Gardens, Bricktown, Boathouse District, NBA Basketball, Flight Lessons, Cowboy Museum, River Cruise, Muir Building, 45th Infantry Division sites for site seeing.  Watch the website for updates and registration.  Thank you to Paul & Staci Schepers for their wonderful presentation.

Thank you to Parker & Sue Willey, our hosts for the 2018 San Diego reunion.  Great hotel & events.  Thanks for all your hard work.

New Business
Election of officers:  Positions up for election – President and Vice-President.

Pat Taylor nominated Gary Buxengard to continue as President, Parker Willey second.  Raise of hands, unanimous vote.  Gary Buxengard – President.

Dan Vliek nominated Jim Vallin to continue as Vice-President, Paul Schepers second.  Raise of hands, unanimous vote.  Jim Vallin – Vice-President.

2020 Reunion             1st Vote     2nd Vote
Jacksonville                    10
Jane Crumpton

Buffalo                           20             24
Bill & Pat Biller

Annapolis                       23             18

2020 Reunion will be in Buffalo.  Bill & Pat Biller will be our hosts.

Solada Memorial 12×8 Plaque
Bruce Smith donated $1200 towards the plaque.

Minutes respectfully submitted
Christine Satterstrom