2017 Meeting Minutes

                                SAVANNAH 2017

President Gary Buxengard called meeting to order at 9.28.

Gary Buxengard lead us in the Pledge of Allegience.

Gary Buxengard lead us in prayer.

Christine Satterstrom read the minutes from the 2016 meeting. Gary Buxengard moved the minutes be accepted as read be, seconded by Greg Corriveau.

Bill Biller read the treasurer report. After expenses will be back at 25-26,000. Gary Buxengard audited the account.  Christine Satterstrom moved to accept treasurer report as presented, second by Jim Haag.

Scholarship Report Chip Chapin that a $1,000 Scholarship went Morgan Cole to continue her nursing education.  Chip Chapin also encourage members to let eligible applicants to apply.  We can do two scholarships a year.


Hawaii Mini Reunion no updates, Kevin McClintock was not able to attend. Hawaii Mini will be dropped for now.

2018 San Diego Reunion Report-Parker and Sue Willey, informed the hotel will be Best Western, $75.00  per night (1 queen or 2 queen),  mission trips , Pat Taylor suggested a city tour on Monday, so that people have an opportunity to see what they might like to go back and visit in more detail. 10 minutes from downtown, also have trolleys for possible transportation.  Possible dates September 30-October 5. They have 22 rooms set aside (with possibility of added rooms as needed). Free breakfast, free parking, inner banquet room also free hospitality room.

Thank-you from Connie Taylor work done so far. Please watch the Goldsborough Web site for updates, dates and pricing.


Bill Biller asked if we would like to make a donation of $200.00 to The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum. All were in agreement. Bill Biller and Gary Buxengard will be returning to the museum this afternoon and will drop off the donation.

Election of Officers; Positions up for election, Treasurer and Secretary:

Treasurer Nominations, Richard Lindsey nominated Bill Biller (Bill said he would continue to the job) Pat Taylor moved to close nominations, Jim Haag seconded. Raise of hands, unanimous vote. Bill Biller Treasurer

Secretary Nominations, Pat Biller nominated Christine Satterstrom (Connie Taylor asked if I would be willing to do the job I said yes) Donna Wolf moved to close nominations, Bill Biller seconded. Raise of hands, unanimous vote. Christine Satterstrom Secretary.

2019 Reunion Site (Central Time Zone)

                                                    1st vote             2nd vote               Hosts

San Antonio TX                            22                       9                         Jim Debbie Vallin

Corpus Christi TX                         6                        —                        Jim Debbie Vallin

Pensacola FL                                2                        —                        Mike Jane Crumpton

Oklahoma City OK                        30                      40                        Paul Stacci Schepers

2019 Reunion Site Oklahoma City OK    Hosted by Paul Staci Schepers

Approximately same timing end of September first week of October, Bernie Hilderbrand will be helping the Schepers. This will be our 20th Reunion.

Banquet at 6:00pm at Sam Sneads Resturant , pictures at 5:30pm out in front of the hotel, Pat Taylor asked if you would like to submit any of your photos please copy them to a disk or a thumb drive and mail them to Pat Taylor.  The auction will be held in the hospitality room. Please have your items in the room by 4:00pm.

Thank-you to Jim & Debbie Vallin and Dan & Sue Vliek for all your planning. ( great hotel) Great time had by all. 

Gary Buxengard asked if there was any other business moved that the meeting be closed so moved. Parker Willey said a closing prayer.


Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Satterstrom (Denise Kasulke not able to attend)