2016 Meeting Minutes



President Bob Franklin Call meeting to at 8:30 am Thursday October 6th.

Bill Biller led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Parker Willey led us in prayer.

Chris Satterstrom then read the minutes from the 2015 meeting. (Submitted by Denise Kasulke)

Bill Biller moved the minutes be accepted as read, seconded by Jim Haag.

Treasurer Bill Biller read the treasurer report, report handed out, after bills are payed, for the New Orleans Reunion, the account will be back down to 25-26,000.  Gary Buxengard helped to audit the account.  Bob Franklin moved the treasurer report to be accepted as read, seconded by Roy Satterstrom.

Correspondence- Thank-you was received from Brett Bliss the recipient of Scholarship.

Yorktown thank-you $200 gift Hews Campaign Patriot Point.

Adams Class thank-you $500 donation.

Drake Track Chair thank-you for $150 donation, Independence Fund.

Bob Branco- Adams Class Timeline in progress getting close 3000 donation from association.


By-law change add to #5 of the by-laws, executive meeting agenda will be posted at the beginning of the reunion. Pat Taylor made a motion to approve the agenda to be posted at the beginning of the reunion, Craig Frudesa seconded the motion, the motion carried unanimously.

By-law change, Membership date change should be from to January 1 – December 31, voted on unanimously.

Hawaii Report :Kevin McClintock- Halle Koa-no hospitality room, they do not do reunions- they have a banquet room 2000 a day, government site- non-profit so no outside food or drink can be brought in, cost is major, transportation California to Hawaii and back, cruise included, no option to do side trips. Also need I.D. card to stay at the Halle-Koa, they allow one additional guest. Connie Taylor proposed a possible mini-reunion maybe March or April, holding our annual reunion at its regular time.  Kevin McClintock and George Sullivan will check on possibilities with contact on hotel.  Information will be posted on the website -survey for those interested.

Stuttard-DDG is interested in a combined reunion with 4-DDG’s that were ported together.  Their numbers of attendance are going down. (Strauss and Corcoran still do reunions). Discussion:  would lose our close relation we have built over the years and combining would get to big.


Brick at the WW11 Museum $200 a block. Pat Taylor made a motion to send $200 for a block at the WW11 Museum. Ted Wolfe second, motion carried.

2018 reunion site – Pacific/Mountain time zone

Suggestions and first vote:

Las Vegas NV: Planners Tom Weaver and Bob Franklin-20

Prescott AZ: Planners Pete Wiggins-7

San Diego California: Planners Parker and Sue Willey-23

Alaska: Planners Sue Chapin and Bill Biller-10

Top two:

Las Vegas -14

San Diego- 18

2018 Goldsborough DDG-20 will in San Diego Calif., Planners will Parker Sue Willey.

2017 Reunion Savannah GA, will be the first week of October, Hotel near airport, 10-15 minutes from downtown, Nights-8 Chapel for memorial, tour and luncheon, possible Adams tour or riverboat dinner cruise or city tour, ghost tour etc. Watch on web site for final details and registration.

2016 Banquet: Pictures at 5:15, Ship store will close at noon, Dinner at 5:30.

Hotel feedback convenient, problems, Pat will be meeting with hotel about any complaints.

Gary Buxengard – Facebook – Website will be posting on the sites to encourage shipmates to come join us.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: President and Vice-President

President: Pat Taylor nominated Gary Buxengard , Bob Franklin 2nd, Pat Taylor motioned nominations be closed, Yonne Cole 2nd, vote Gary Buxengard President.

Vice President: Bill Biller nominated Jim Valin, Harvey Tillman 2nd. Nominations closed, vote Jim Vallin Vice-President.

Thank-you to Pat and Connie Taylor for stepping into a difficult job, thank-you for all you do, Great Reunion.

Last Year shirt Jan Lee Buxengard volunteered to show us how to add a pocket, (our shirts normally do not have pockets)-contact Jan Lee if interested.

Pat Biller asked if you have a name to add to deceased (fallen shipmate) list to e-mail Pat or Bill Biller, also new e-mail addresses so the rooster can be updated.

Pat Taylor asked for us to plan early registration, (hotel& reunion) reserve early we need more than 1 week.  Jim Haag made a motion of 30 days deadline for rate, after they will pay a higher rate.

Thank-you from Bob Franklin to Gary Buxengard, Bill Biller and Denise Kasulke for the time-shared working together.

Thank-you Bob Franklin for your service as our President.

George Sullivan made a motion to close the meeting, Bob Franklin 2nd.Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,

Christine Satterstrom

(For Denise Kasulke who was not able to attend)