2015 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough DDG-20

2015 Meeting Secretary Report

August 27, 2015 Reno, NV


The annual meeting was called to order by President Bob Franklin at 0910

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Franklin and recited by all present.

Prayer was led by Gary Buxengard

Secretary, Denise Kasulke read the 2014 minutes. Parker’s last name is spelled with 2 L’s (Willey).  In the website section line 5 to be corrected to “not a lot of medical requests or links to agent orange”.  With those corrections, motion to accept made by Jim Haag seconded by Parker Willey, motion carried

Treasurer’s report was handed out as there is $37,000, once all the bills are paid for Reno, it should be back down to $26,000.  Banquet came in $10 per person cheaper so each person will receive $10 back.  IRS regulations is for bank account to be under $50,000 or a 990 must be filed.  With no questions a motion to approve made by Jim Haag second by Jim Vallen, motion carried

Correspondence – Thank-you received from Yorktown – Vietnam Experience.  Bill held off on the Wounded Warrior’s because it was discovered that only 50% of the donations make it to the warriors, the rest is for salaries and advertising nor could he find anything specifically for track chairs.  Pat Taylor motioned to cancel the 2014 donation to Wounded Warrior, Jim Haag seconded, motion carried.  Solicitations received from Crazy Horse & Cruzers Association.

Scholarship Committee Report – There were 3 applicants, JC Phillips granddaughter of Richard & Lindsey Tanner received the scholarship, and sent a thank you to the association.  A question was asked on how much is in the scholarship fund since we had 3 good applicants.  There is no separate scholarship fund, we have always funded $1000 since its inception.  Pat Taylor motioned to raise the annual scholarship to not exceed 2 $1000 scholarships ($2000), Speedy seconded, motion carried.  List of current scholarship committee: Yvonne Cole, Connie Taylor, Chip Chapin, Sue Willey volunteered to also be on the committee.

Website – Our website is going smoothly; items are added without an act of congress.  One thought was to have notepad type function – the Association is not sure we want to go that route as we do have the Face Book page.  The Association would like to thank the Billers for all the hard work they put into the site.

Update New Orleans 2016 – Captain Rentz was to head up this reunion.  We received an e-mail from his wife that he is having major health issues.  What do we do?  The floor was open to discussion.  After some discussion Richard Lindsey motioned for Pat Taylor to assist the Rentz’s with the planning, Dan Vliek seconded, motion carried.

Donations for 2015 reunion – Going back to a track chair donation, Vance Drake will research and get information to Bill Biller, if research pans out Rob Kasulke motioned to send $150, Parker Willey seconded, motion carried.  Tom Weaver motioned to make a $500 donation to the Adams class, Jim Haag seconded, with 3 opposed, motion carried.

2017 Reunion, Eastern Time Zone – the following were suggested:

Jacksonville, Washington DC, Boston, Virginia Beach and Savannah

With those suggestions who would be willing to plan which cities.  Mike Crumpton volunteered for Jacksonville, and Jim Vallen volunteered for Savannah.  After voting on those two, Savannah was selected.

2018 Reunion – Kevin McClintock researched Honolulu Hawaii for 2018 and passed out information.  Least expensive room rate was $125 per night at the Pagoda Hotel.  One issue with the Pagoda would be the hospitality suite, they will not allow anything but dry food, they will cater warm food and drinks.  It was mentioned that a more touristy hotel would be $189 per night so that other than the hospitality suite issue the Pagoda was the better choice.  After discussion Kevin will call the Hale Koa (the R & R hotel on the Joint Base) to see if they would allow military groups.

New Business

Membership committee-  The Association would like to form a new committee to find shipmates and promote membership.  A roster from DC is non-existent.  Based on 30 years in commission, there should be about 3300 sailors who served.  We are looking for volunteers to be on this committee.  Parker Willey, Dan Vliek, and John Cleveland volunteered.  John Cleveland will set up a data base and a link to the committee to be put on the website.

Membership dues/Reimbursement – It costs $10 per year or $100 for lifetime.  Bill Biller motioned that a member in good standing should receive $10 off registration fees and that it should be carried on to surviving spouses, Dan Vliek seconded, motion carried.  By-Law Change; Bill Biller proposed that the membership year should run Jan 1, to Dec 31 each year.  Joe Collins motioned as Bill proposed, Jim Haag seconded.  Because this is a by-law change the vote will be done at the 2016 reunion in New Orleans. Tom Weaver motioned that there should be no charge for 1 hat and 1 shirt for all reunions.  Pat Taylor seconded, vote for 5, more voted nay, motion failed.  Pat Taylor motioned for there to be competitive bids for hats, shirts, and bags, Dan Vliek seconded, 1 nay, motioned carried.  Parker motioned that shirts should have pockets, Tom Weaver seconded, 1 nay, motioned carried.

Killer Whale – News stories and pictures should be sent to Pat Taylor.

Election of Officers:

Treasurer – Tom Weaver nominated Bill Biller (he accepted), Jim Haag motioned, Pat Taylor seconded, and the motion voted by acclamation.

Secretary – Jim Haag and Vance Drake nominated Denise Kasulke (she accepted), Pat Biller nominated Chris Sattstrom (she accepted), Jim Haag closed nominations, and the position went to ballot vote.  After voting Denise Kasulke was elected.  On a side note Denise asked Chris Sattstrom to be acting secretary if she was unable to attend a reunion.

Miscellaneous – We have old coffee pots and other items that are no longer used, Vance Drake motioned to put those items in the auction, Tom Weaver seconded, motion carried.

Tom Weaver wants to thank Chip & Sue Chapin for planning an outstanding reunion.  The Association via Gary would like to give Tom Weaver a thanks for helping out with the Fallon tour.  Also the hotels show was great.

Banquet – Menu is Chef’s choice, 18:30 cocktails and pictures, 19:00 dinner auction to follow.

With no other business Yvonne Cole motioned to close the meeting, Jim Vallen seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 11:44

See you next year in New Orleans

Respectfully Submitted

Denise Kasulke