2014 Meeting Minutes – Draft

USS Goldsborough DDG-20 – DRAFT

2014 Meeting Secretary Report

September 18, 2014 Charleston, SC

The annual meeting was called to order by President Bob Franklin at 0905

Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Pat Taylor and recited by all present.

Prayer was led by Parker Wiley

Secretary, Denise Kasulke read the 2013 minutes. Motion to accept made by Jim Haag seconded by Jack Maguire, motion carried

Treasurer’s report was handed out as there were no questions a motion to approve made by Jim Haag second by Jack Maguire, motion carried

Correspondence – Thanks received from Crazy Horse and Department of Veteran Affairs, Black hills Cemetery.

Scholarship Committee Report – Brette Bliss, granddaughter of Terry Hanscam received the 2014 scholarship. Again it was the only application and received a $1000 scholarship.

Website – Our Webmaster Karen so far has donated her services to us as thanks for our service and she said it is a privilege to help us. So far we have not received a bill for her revamp of the website. It is light years ahead of the old one, it is functional and Pat Biller & Mike Crumpton are learning every day. Pat stated she doesn’t put on any request without officer approval. She receives lots of medical requests. A question was raised on if there should be an approval committee; Jack Maguire stated that is should remain under the preview of the officers. After some discussion Jack motioned to approve officer review, Jim Vallin seconded, motion carried. Pictures will be on the site, Mike Crumpton went through all of them and we are fortunate for some great photos.

New Business

Sunshine Committee – a discussion ensued on memorials for shipmates. Right now we send a card and a $25 donation to a charity if listed or to our scholarship fund, this practice will continue. Question arose about friends of the Association or spouses and immediate family. Richard Lindsey motioned to send a card only, Jack Maguire seconded, motion carried.

Reno 2015 – Chip and Sue Chapin have been working hard to plan the reunion. They are looking at the week of August 23 – August 28 at the El Dorado hotel. Rooms will be around $59 per night. Possible tours could be Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. If you have any special interests e-mail Chip.

Donations for 2014 reunion – Jim Haag motioned $200 to the Hunley, Parker Wiley seconded, motioned carried. Pat Taylor motioned $200 to Patriot Point for the Vietnam display, Jim Vallin seconded, motion carried. Jack Maguire motioned $150 to Wounded Warrior Project Track Chairs, Pat Taylor seconded, motion carried. So far we have donated $4500 to the Adams Class Museum we have plate #20. Jim Haag motioned to give $100 to the wait staff, Jim Vallin seconded, motion carried.

2016 Reunion, Central time zone – the following were suggested:

New Orleans, Branson, Corpus Christi, St. Louis, Pensacola, San Antonio, Memphis, Milwaukee/Chicago

First round of voting for your top 3 it came down to New Orleans, Pensacola, and San Antonio, New Orleans won with 23 votes. Captain Rentz agreed to coordinate it.

2018 Reunion – it was put on the table to try to have the 2018 reunion in HI, after a spirited discussion about having it in 2017 or 2018, it was decided that Kevin McClintock and Jack Maguire will research the feasibility of holding a reunion there and report back at the 2015 reunion.

Election of Officers:

President – Mike Crumpton nominated Bob Franklin (he accepted), Pat Taylor motioned, Jim Haag seconded, and motion voted by acclamation.

Vice-President – Bill Biller nominated Gary Buxengard (he accepted), Jim Vallan motioned, Parker Wiley seconded, and the motion voted by acclamation.

New Business

Impromptu poll:

Why did you come this year? Location

How did you find out? E-Mail

Why don’t more attend? Cost

One way to reduce cost is to not charge for the hospitality room. This idea will be up for discussion.

If you know people, call them to come, let them know, e-mails are on the roster.

Pat Taylor brought a mock up of a new e-mail newsletter called the Killer Whale. It looks great and may generate more interest in the reunion. After much discussion Jim Vallin motioned to do the newsletter quarterly and e-mailed out. Yvonne Cole seconded, motion carried,

A recommendation of officer duties was presented. The duties are in the by-laws, however the officers agreed there should be more communication among them.

Nomination procedures – Currently nominations are only brought up at the time of the business meeting, sometimes not giving the person nominated time to think about the position. It was suggested that a sheet should be posted in the hospitality room starting on the Sunday of the reunion and people can write in nominations until Tuesday evening. On Wednesday the board will talk to those nominated to find out if they would accept the nomination. If only one person is nominated and accepts and at the meeting there are no other nominations then they will be voted in by acclamation. If there is more than candidate then it will be voted on by the attendees. After much discussion nothing was decided.

The Association would like to give a big thank you to Pat & Connie Taylor for all their hard work in planning for the Charleston reunion.

Banquet – Menu is Chef’s choice, 18:30 cocktails and pictures, 19:00 dinner auction to follow.

Jim Haag motioned to close the meeting

Bob Franklin led us in closing prayer

Meeting adjourned at 11:05

See you next year in Reno

Respectfully Submitted