2013 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough DDG-20

2013 Meeting Secretary Report

September 26, 2013 Rapid City, SD

The annual meeting was called to order by President Bob Franklin at 0902

Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Larry Nelson and recited by all present.

Prayer was led by Bob Franklin

Secretary, Denise Kasulke read the 2012 minutes. Motion to accept Larry Nelson, Jim Haag seconded. Motion carried

Treasurer’s report was handed out as there were no questions a motion to approve by Larry Nelson second by Jim Haag, motion carried

Correspondence – Thanks received from Turner Joy and Naval Undersea Museum.

Scholarship Committee Report – Kendell Hunt, Jim Haag’s granddaughter received the 2013 scholarship. Again it was the only application and received a $1000 scholarship.

Website – The website is being redesigned by Pat Biller with the help of our webmaster Karen. Some felt it was dragging on too long, Pat Biller pointed out that she has not charged the Association for her work. Because it is being built from the ground up, what info do we want to see? Larry Nelson said it should show a page of deceased shipmates/members/spouses, Richard Lindsay said there should also be a back up to Pat Biller. Larry Nelson nominated Mike Crumpton , Ted Wolf seconded. Mike accepted the nomination, motion carried. Bill Biller suggested a t-shirt and hat be given to the webmaster, Larry Nelson motioned, Jim Haag seconded, motion carried.

By-Law Change – At the 2012 membership meeting, it was proposed to remove the term limits for the Treasurer and the Secretary as long as the books were audited. It was motioned and approved to vote on it at the 2013 meeting. As there was an open motion the vote was taken and it was approved.

New Business
Sunshine Committee – Members felt that it was time to revive the Sunshine Committee to send cards to sick members. Sue Chapin and Connie Taylor volunteered to send cards. Bob Franklin motioned to restart the Sunshine Committee, Ralph McArtor seconded, motion carried.

Charleston 2014 – Pat and Connie Taylor have been working hard and the reunion is set. It will take place September 14th to the 19th. The hotel will be the Crowne Plaza and room rates will be $115 per night including breakfast. There will be tours Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be a free day or rain make-up day. There will be an aggressive push for attendance. There was some concern about it being held during hurricane season. It was suggested to purchase insurance. Pat Taylor will look into it.

Donations for 2013 reunion – Larry motioned we should donate $150.00 to the Vet cemetery, Jim Haag seconded. Motion carried. Larry motioned we should donate $150 to the Crazy Horse memorial, Yvonne seconded, 1 opposed, majority approved, motion carried. A hat was donated to the hotel for their display case.

2015 Reunion, Pacific/Mountain Time Zone – the following were suggested:

Reno NV, Monterey CA, Las Vegas NV, San Diego CA, Phoenix AZ

First round of voting for your top 2 it came down to Reno or Las Vegas, second round of voting Reno won with 19 votes. Chip and Sue Chapin agreed to coordinate it.

Election of Officers:
Treasurer – Gary Buxengard nominated Bill Biller (he accepted), Denise Kasulke seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

Secretary – Yvonne Cole nominated Denise Kasulke (she accepted), Jim Haag seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

Deceased Member List – A discussion ensued on adding a category for friends/loved ones of the Association. This should be after crew members. Connie Taylor motion to approve, Jim Haag seconded. Motion carried with 1 opposed. Pat Taylor wanted to bring up Rob Kasulke’s additional designation “Killed in Active Duty”. He did not remember opposing this. This designation is not to take away those Killed in Action, it is to remember those that were on the Goldsborough that died while on active duty. After much discussion Pat Taylor motioned to approve the addition designation, Richard Lindsey seconded. Motion carried with 1 opposed.

The Association would like to give a big thank you to Bob Franklin and Tom Weaver for all their hard work in planning for the Rapid City SD reunion.

Banquet will be at 1800 with the bar opening at 1730. The Auction will follow the dinner

Richard Lindsay motioned to close the meeting

Bob Franklin led us in closing prayer

Meeting adjourned at 1032

See you next year in Charleston, SC

Respectfully Submitted

Denise Kasulke