2012 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough DDG-20

2012 Meeting Secretary Report

August 9, 2012 in Bremerton WA

The annual meeting was called to order by VP Bob Franklin at 0900

Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present and a prayer was led by Parker Willey

Secretary, Denise Kasulke read the 2011 minutes. Motion to accept Parker, Larry Nelson seconded. Motion carried

Treasure report was handed out as there were no questions a motion to approve by Rob Kasulke second by Tom Weaver, motion carried

Scholarship Committee Report – Justin Zieliski attending MATC only application and received a $1000 scholarship. There was a discussion on what to do with the paperwork after those years scholarship is handed out. Do we store it and if we do where. Due to the sensitive information on the paperwork it was suggest by Connie Taylor to have it shredded. Motion to shred was entered by Pat Taylor and seconded by Chip Chapin, motion carried.

Planning Committees- The board would like to thank Larry Nelson and Sandra “Sis” Palmgren for all their hard work in making this year’s reunion a success.

Rapid City 2014 is just over a year away and Bob Franklin and Tom Weaver have worked hard to plan it. The dates are set for September 22, 2013 to September 27, 2013. Different activities are in the works and more will be announced soon. We will be staying at the Grand Gateway Hotel, rooms should be less than $90 per night. Dinner options were discussed, and 2 deposit checks are need, for the hotel and the banquet. Pat Taylor motioned for 2 $500 checks and Larry Nelson seconded. Motion carried.

Thank-You’s Received – We have received a few thank-you’s from groups we have donated to, They included Support our Soldier’s Now, Adopt a Chaplin, Air Force Museum Foundation, and Adams Class Museum.

Deceased Member List – It was noted that Bill Gilmore passed on 1-6-12 and it was asked he be placed on the list.

New Business – The scholarship fund is at Fifth Third in a savings account. It was motioned by Larry Nelson to move to Checking and seconded by Jim Haag. Motion carried.

By-Law Changes – A proposal was brought up for discussion about changing the term limits of the Treasurer. After much discussion it was motioned by Gary Buxengard and seconded by Tom Weaver to amend the term limits for the Treasurer. Before it was brought to vote it was amended to add the secretary to the change in term limits and to have an annual audit of the books. This new proposal was motioned by Jim Haag, seconded by Larry Nelson to be voted on at the 2013 reunion. Majority approved 1 opposed.

Donations – This year it was proposed to donate to each of the following: Turner Joy, Navy Chaplin, and the Undersea Museum. Larry Nelson motioned to donate $150 to all three, it was seconded by Jim Haag, motion carried. It was also noted that Larry Nelson has taken care of the tip for the wait staff.

Deceased Member List – Rob Kasulke wanted to have another designation established: Killed in Activity Duty. This is not to take away from those Killed in Action “KIA”, this is to remember those that were on the Goldsbourgh that died will on active duty. After much discussion Pat Taylor motioned to leave it as it is, which was seconded by Richard Lindsey, motion carried.

Other Business – A card is going around for deceased reunion attendee. Larry will be sending thank-you letters for this year’s reunion. It was discussed that the President should write a letter to non-attendees about missing this reunion and inviting them to the next reunion. Connie Taylor motioned and Mike Crumpton seconded. Motion carried. It was suggested we should get a bulk mail rate to send out snail mail. Bill Biller motioned that the reunion coordinators should receive 2 free registration fees (to be split up as they see fit), this was seconded by Larry Nelson. Motion carried.

Web Site – Dusten was our webmaster but has left the position. A web master was found by Roy Hoffman. This person has been slow to get started. After much discussion Bill Biller felt we should give it a year. Pat Taylor motioned to give it a year, Jim Haag seconded. Motion carried.

Rotation of Reunion – Tom Weaver motioned to change the by-laws to remove the rotation requirement. After much discussion Parker Willey seconded. Motion failed. 1 in favor, rest opposed.

2014 Reunion – The 2014 Reunion will take place in the Eastern Time Zone. Suggestions include: Buffalo NY, Tampa FL, Gettysburg PA, and Charleston SC. After several votes it was narrowed down to Tampa FL and Charleston SC. Final vote was Charleston SC and Pat and Connie Taylor will coordinate.

Officer Elections – President and Vice-President are up for election. Roy Hoffman is willing to continue as President. Along with Roy, Bob Franklin and Bill Biller (declined) were also nominated. Nominations were closed and after discussion Bob Franklin was elected as President. The association would like to thank Roy Hoffman for his service.

Nominations for Vice-President – Bill Schmidt (declined), Richard Lindsay (accepted), Mike Crumpton (declined), and Gary Buxengard (accepted). Nominations were closed and after discussion Gary Buxengard was elected the new Vice-President. The association would like to thank Bob Franklin for his service.

Both Bob Franklin and Gary Buxengard were sworn in to office

Banquet will be at 1800 with the bar opening at 1730. The Auction will follow the dinner

Again the association would like to thank Larry and Sis for all their hard work. Leftover food from the hospitality room will be donated to the hotel staff.

Bob Franklin led us in closing prayer

Meeting adjourned at 1045

See you next year in Rapid City SD

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Kasulke