2011 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough DDG-20

2011 Meeting Secretary Report

September 15, 2011

Covington, KY at Holiday Inn Riverside


The annual meeting was called to order at 0910 by President Roy Hoffman.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present and a prayer was lead by Vice-President Bob Franklin.

New attendees: James & Sharon Phelps, Michael & Linda Baker, Jim Keenan, Evelyn Clemans, & son John Arnold were introduced.

Secretary, Betty Hoffman read the 2010 meeting minutes. Larry Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Jack Maguire. Motion carried.

Treasurer, Bill Biller handed out his report. Being that there were no questions, Larry Nelson made a motion to accept seconded by Richard Lindsay. Motion carried.

Communications from Jim Free saying he purchased a brick to honor the USS GOLDSBOROUGH at the Campbell, CA Veterans Memorial was read. A thank you note from the Veterans Memorial Museum – Branson was read and the picture of the brick we purchased was passed around the membership. A thank you note from Wilson Creed National Battlefield was read. The Goldsborough brick will be placed in 2012.

Committee Reports

Pat and Connie Taylor were thanked for the organization of the 2011 reunion. A motion was made to refund Pat and Connie’s Registration fee for organizing the 2011 Reunion.

Bill Biller reported that the Early-Bird Registration was successful. A motion was made by Jim Haag and seconded by Larry Nelson to continue using the Early Registration if the future. Motion carried.

The Goldsborough Scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to Patricia Rodell. Pat will be double majoring in Illustration and Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Connie Taylor will replace Christine Hilderbrand on the Scholarship Committee.  The Committee Members are: Judy Fletcher, Yvonne Cole, Chip Chapin, and Connie Taylor. Board Members will only get involved if asked for assistance.

Gary Buxengard encouraged members to search the Internet for prospective Goldsborough members who might want to join us in Bremerton for the 2012 reunion.

Old Business

On-line auctions items were discussed. The membership decided to drop this idea.

New Business

Mike Crumpton made a motion to donate $150.00 to the National Museum of the United States Air Force seconded by Larry Nelson. Motion carried.

A donation of $50.00 for the Air Force Chapel was made by Pat Taylor and seconded by Jim Haag. Motion carried.

Larry Nelson made a motion to tip the breakfast staff $100.00 seconded by Parker Willey. Motion carried.

Bob Franklin announced Tom Weaver had been taken to the hospital early this morning. Jack Maguire suggested we pray for him. A prayer was led by Bob Franklin.

Parker Willey suggested we donate $100.00 to the Adopt a Chaplin Program. The program packs personal bags of things our soldiers need. Jim Keenan made a motion seconded by Parker Willey to donate. Motion carried.

Reunion 2012 Bremerton w/Larry Nelson as Reunion Coordinator was discussed. Larry asked that we bring PASSPORTS if we plan to spend time in Canada while at the reunion.

2013 Reunion will be in the Central Time Zone. Suggested places were Springfield, IL, Corpus Christi, TX, St. Louis, MO, Kansas City, KA, New Orleans, LA, Milwaukee, WI, Branson, MO, and Rapids City, SD. It was mentioned that Rapid City is not in the Central Time Zone. Members decided it was close enough as it is right on the boarder.

Rapid City, SD won by one vote. Bob and Jean Franklin will be our coordinators.

Bob Franklin suggested we donate to the ‘Help a Soldier Now Program”.  Jack Magurie made a motion to send ten boxes at a cost of $350 seconded by Larry Nelson. Motion carried.

Election of Officers

Treasurer: Bill Biller was nominated by Gary Buxenburg seconded by Larry Nelson. Motion carried.

Secretary; Betty Hoffman declined, Yvonne Cole declined, Sue Chapin declined. Denise Kasulke was nominated by Jack Maguire and seconded by Larry Nelson. Motion carried

For the Good of the Association

We are on Face-Book! Roy Hoffman will be updating.

Pat Taylor asked members to share their reunion photos.

Jim Keenan suggested we check Classmates.com to find new shipmates.

Mike Maguire thanked all members who brought pins for his vest.

Kim Weaver thanked the Membership for the prayers said for her father.

The Membership decided to take all unopened food to the local Homeless Food Pantry.

Closing Meditation was given by Bob Franklin.

Being that there was no more business to conduct, a motion was made to close the meeting at 1040.


Betty Hoffman