2010 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough DDG – 20
2010 Meeting

The annual meeting was called to order at 0900 by President Pat Taylor.

All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer was lead by Gary Buxengard.

New attendees were introduced.

The Secretary read the 2009 meeting minutes. Larry Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by James Haag. Motion carried.

The Treasurers Report was read by Bill Biller. Jack Maguire questioned if we need to transfer money to other accounts to avoid paying taxes. Bill Biller informed us on the new IRS regulations on the amount of funds non-profit organizations can have. A motion was made by Tom Weaver to accept the report and was seconded by Ken Kite. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Reunion organizers, Roy and Betty Hoffman were thanked for the organization of this reunion.

The dissatisfaction of shipmates “late fees” for members attending at the last minute was discussed. Pat Taylor explained that planning for buses and having to find extra transportation at the last minute was the reason for this charge. It was never done to discourage anyone from attending. Late attendees need to know that they may be charged more because of additional fees for transportation and lack of buying tour tickets in group numbers or may not be able to participate in some activities if room is not available.

The Officers and Reunion Committee will determine the cost of future reunions and determine an Early Bird Discount for early registration at least 30 days before the reunion or whatever the requirements of the hotel cut-off dates are. A motion was made by Jack Maguire and seconded by Larry Nelson. Motion accepted.

The first Goldsbourgh Scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to Brian Biller. A thank you note from him was read.

Bob Franklin suggested that members should sign up with the secretary to have the Memorial’s sent to the scholarship fund upon their death.

Old Business

The proposed by-law change to be voted on in 2010 of adding a fifth person to the Executive Board who would be the immediate past president was discussed. Tom Weaver saw no need for this proposed change to the by-laws. After much discussion, members felt there was no need for this change and it was dropped.

New Business

There was a discussion of how we can cut down on expenses in the hospitality room by members donating snacks etc. A thank you was given to Yvonne Coles friend Vicky, who brought delicious rum ball for us to enjoy.

A motion was made by Larry Nelson to give a tip of $100 to the people who served the breakfast buffet seconded by Jim Haag. Membership approved.

A motion was made by Jim Haag seconded by Chip Chapin to give a hat and Goldsbourgh shirt to Joe the business manager for all the work he did to make our reunion very special. All were in agreement.

Members questioned why they couldn’t get into the list of members attending reunion on the website. It was explained that the list had been done in Excel format but will be changed to PDF to solve the problem.

Mike Crumpton made a motion seconded by Parker Willey to buy a brick at the Veteran’s Memorial for $81.75 with USS Goldsbourgh 2010 Reunion on it. Richard Lindsay made a motion to make a $181.75 with the hundred dollars as a donation to the memorial. A motion was made by Richard Lindsay and seconded by Tom Weaver to accept. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Larry Nelson seconded by Ken Kite to donate $150.00 to the Wilson Creek Museum & Battlefield for allowing us free admission. Motion carried.

Reunion 2011 will be in the Eastern Time zone. Suggested places were Cincinnati, OH, Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, Savannah, GE, and Charleston, SC. A motion was made by Larry Nelson, seconded by Richard Lindsay, The membership voted for Cincinnati, OH as the 2011 Reunion site. The reunion should be held after Labor Day.

The 2012 Reunion will be held in Bremerton, WA with Larry Nelson as the reunion coordinator. A motion was made by Tom Weaver and seconded by Gary Buxengard and accepted by membership.

A suggestion was made to make a place on the registration form to write in locations people would like to suggest for the 2013 Reunion which will be in the Central Time Zone. Also suggested was people get reunion notices to various publications advertising the reunion. Tom Weaver, Larry Nelson, Mike Crumpton, and Roy Hoffman will work on this. If you have a publication we should have the reunion notice published in please notify the Secretary.

A suggestion was made that we list the auction prizes on-line. Ken Kite made a motion seconded by Tom Weaver that we give this a try. .

Election of Officers

President: Roy Hoffman was nominated by Chip Chapin. A motion was made by Jack Maguire and seconded by Gary Buxengard. Motion carried.

Vice President: Bob Franklin was nominated there being no other nominations a Motion was made by Ken Kite, seconded by Gary Buxengard. Motion Carried.

Secretary: Betty Hoffman was nominated by Tom Weaver. A motion was made by Ken Kite and seconded by Tom Weaver. Motion carried.

For the Good of the Association

Gary Buxengard thanked Pat Taylor & Chip Chappin for their years of service as President and Vice President to the USS Goldsbourgh DDG Association.

E-Mail Addresses need to be updated.  All members should check that their info listed on the Roster is up to date. If not please follow the directions listed on the roster page, you will receive an e-mail when completed. Remember that all spaces must be filled out even though information does not change. If you do not receive the confirmation in a couple of weeks please contact us on the contact page so we can determine if there is a problem. A card needs to be sent to Laura Kava.

Michael Maguire thanked all shipmates for the pins the shipmates gave him for his vest each year.

Parker Willey provided the closing meditation. Being that there was no more business to conduct; a motion was made to adjourn at 11:25AM.

Roy Hoffman
Cell Number 920 323 9545