2009 Meeting Minutes


USS Goldsborough (DDG – 20)
2009 Executive Meeting
August 27, 2009

An Executive Meeting was held at 9:00 AM to set the final agenda of the annual meeting.

It was decided to ask Mike Cava to have a short prayer before the meeting and for the banquet.

A discussion of the various reports and Business items covered.

A discussion was held about adding a new position to the Executive Board. We will vote on the changes of the By-laws at the 2010 reunion.

A discussion about reunion locations for the next 3 to 4 years.

Submitted By Roy Hoffman

USS Goldsborough (DDG-20)
2009 Annual Meeting
August 27, 2009

President Pat Taylor called the meeting to order at 0900.

All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer was lead by Mike Cava.

New attendees were introduced.

The Secretary read the 2008 meeting minutes. Larry Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Parker Willey, motion carried.

Communications: We received a Thank You card from Yvonne Cole & Family for the flowers and representation of Goldsbourgh members at Jim’s funeral. Chip Chapin
expressed his appreciation for the flowers and Goldsbourgh representation at his father’s funeral.

The Treasurers Report was read by Bill Biller, a motion was made by Gary Buxengard to accept the report, seconded by Larry Nelson, motion carried.

Committee Reports

Reunion organizers, Nick and Mary Morstad were thanked for the superb organization
of this reunion.

Scholarship Committee, applications are ready for March 2010 and all the information concerning this scholarship will be posted on the web site. Larry Nelson made a motion to award a $1,000 Scholarship, divided and paid to the recipicant by the quarter or semester until further notice this will be revisited yearly. This was seconded by Robert Franklin, motion carried. Robert Franklin made a motion to make a separate fund for Scholarship money & proceeds from the auction this year to be used to start the scholarship fund, seconded by Larry Nelson, motion carried. The web site is to have a note that members can donate directly to the scholarship fund if they wish.

Sun Shine Committee, Roy Hoffman reported for Earl Hall that he sent flowers to seven people.

Old Business

Copies of the current by-laws were passed out to members in attendance and are to be reviewed in 2010.

Tom Weaver thanked us for our generous 2008 donation to the Adams Class Veterans Association but stated they still need to raise 4 million dollars more. Individuals are urged to donate money to buy a Hull Plate at $2,500 or a cubic yard of concrete at $150.00. Individuals may send checks to Bill Biller. Please label checks “for donation Adams Class DDG.

Jim Haag made a motion to send $2,500 to Adams in Memory of the shipmates who died while on-board the USS Goldsbourgh during active service, seconded by Gary Buxengard. Motion carried.

Web-site up-date suggestions:

  • Add list of life members
  • Put sick members names on Binnacle List
  • A list of New Members
  • Add page for financial reports, this will be password protected and only dues
  • Paying members will get the password. Motion made by Larry Nelson seconded by Tom Weaver.
  • Tom Weaver brought up that Bob (former webmaster) was never paid the $500 designated for his services. Chip Chapin reported that Bob turned down the money. Richard Lindsay suggested that we put a big THANK YOU in our meeting notes.

Roy Hoffman re-introduced the idea of adding a fifth person to the Executive board who would be the immediate past president. His duties would be to keep continuity of information flowing and provide guidance to the new president.Outgoing President is a non-voting Trustee on the Board of Directors. This will be presented and voted upon at the 2010 meeting.

New Business

Roy Hoffman suggested having Conference Calls between Executive board and Reunion Committee on a quarterly basis. Board will be investigating possibility.

Ship Store Bell being auctioned off at auction will have to be replaced for 2010.

Nine cards were passed around to be signed by 2009 reunion members to be sent to people who were unable to attend our reunion this year.

Bill Biller suggested that the Goldsbourgh buy a Memorial Stone ($175.00) at the Peterson Air Force Base and donate money to the Chapel for the beautiful service they supported us with at no cost to the Association. Larry Nelson made a motion to buy a Stone, seconded by Mike Haloski, motion passed. A motion to make a $100.00 donation to the Chapel was made by Jim Haag and seconded by Parker Willey. A show of hand count was asked for by Richard Lindsay. (20 for 7 opposed)

Sun Shine Committee Changes:
Members felt instead of sending flowers; a card should be sent to the sick person only. Death of a member; send $25.00 to the Memorial of families choice or to the Goldsbourgh Scholarship Fund if the family does not have any specific memorial set up. Motion made by Mike Crumpton, seconded by Mike Haloski. A show of hand count: 23 for, 3 against, 1 abstained

Connie Taylor asked if it was possible to E-Mail wives of shipmates about sick shipmates. A place will be set up on the website, Send your E-mail address to Roy Hoffman at ruralff@gmail.com until the web site is set up.

Reunion 2010 will be chaired by Roy & Betty Hoffman in the Central Time Zone.
Locations suggested: Branson, Memphis, Corpus Christi, Pensacola, St. Louis, Chicago.
Branson was voted as the 2010 Reunion site early in September but not on Labor Day weekend.

Election of Officers:
Secretary: Roy Hoffman nominated by Mike Haloski. Motion made by Richard Lindsay and seconded by Larry Nelson to close the nominations and cast a unanimous ballot, motion carried.

Treasurer: Christine Hilderbrand nominated Bill Biller and Larry Nelson nominated Pat Biller who declined the nomination. Richard Lindsay made a motion to close the nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Bill Biller, seconded by Larry Nelson, motion carried.

For the good of the Association

Dues for 2010 will remain the same.

A Thank You to Pat Taylor for being such an asset to the USS Goldsbourgh Assoc. was made by Larry Nelson.

Mike Cava provided the closing meditation.

There being no more business to conduct, a motion was made to adjourn at 11:10.

Roy Hoffman