2008 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough (DDG – 20)
2008 Executive Meeting
September 3, 2008

An Executive Meeting was held at 5:00 PM to set the final agenda of the annual meeting.

It was decided to ask Mike Cava to have a short prayer before the meeting.

A discussion of the various reports and Business items covered.

A discussion was held about adding a new position to the Executive Board. We will present the idea to the members at the annual meeting.

A discussion about reunion locations for the next 3 to 4 years.

Submitted By Roy Hoffman

USS Goldsborough (DDG – 20)
2008 Annual Meeting
September 4, 2008

President Pat Taylor called the meeting to order at 0906.

All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer was lead by Mike Cava.

The Secretary read the minutes from 2007 meeting, Zelt Dunbar made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Larry Nelson, motion carried.

The Treasurers Report was read by Bill Biller, a motion by Mike Haloski to accept the report, seconded by Vance Drake, motion carried.

Committee Reports

Sun Shine Committee, Roy Hoffman reported for Earl Hall that he sent flowers to four people.

Scholarship Committee, Chip Chapin reported that the committee was working on getting the forms and that they should be ready for the end of this years school term. The information would be placed on our web site by early 2009.

2008 Reunion Committee, Bob Rodell and Pat Taylor reported on this year’s reunion and they will be sending letters of thanks to the Navel Academy, Hotel, and Bus Company for the good service we received. Pat Taylor discussed the breakfast, snacks and drinks that were available for the reunion attendees. If we continue to have breakfast items we will properly have to charge more to cover our cost.

Old Business

Copies of the current by-laws were passed out to the members in attendance. Zelt Dunbar found one Grammar error which the secretary corrected in Section 5 Secretary duties the word “meetings” needed to be moved to after annual. Roy Hoffman introduced the idea of adding a fifth person to the Executive board who would be the immediate past president. His duties would be to keep continuity of information flowing and provide guidance to the new president. This will be presented at the 2009 annual meeting.

The 2010 reunion will be in the central time zone and Roy and Betty Hoffman will be the coordinators for that. Please forward the names of any cities that you would like to have as the host city. We are asking for spots of interest for tours and hotels.

For 2011 reunion the board is looking at Jacksonville, Florida as the Charles F. Adams DDG 2 should be berthed there.

The board provided an update on what is happening with the web site. We will be adding the By-laws, Meeting minutes, Scholarship information, List of deceased shipmates, and a Blog or Bulletin board for members to leave questions or information of interest to others.

New Business

The following cities were suggested as locations for the 2009 reunion, Spokane WA – Coeur D’Alene ID area, Colorado Springs, San Francisco, Reno, Lufkin, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and the 2009 reunion committee will be Nick and Mary Morstad and Chip and Sue Chapin.

Election of President – The following were nominated Bill Biller, Bob Rodell, Roy Sattersom, all declined Pat Taylor was nominated and was elected by acclamation.
Election of Vice President – The following were nominated Roy Hoffman, Jim Haag, both declined, Bob Rodell and Chip Chapin were nominated and a motion was made to close the nominations, a vote was held and Chip was re-elected.

For the good of the Association

Dues for 2009 will remain the same for 2008.

A motion was made by Bob Rodell and seconded by Parker Willey to suspend until after the banquet.

The meeting was reconvened at 8:20 PM.

First business taken care of was the swearing in of Pat Taylor as President and Chip Chapin as Vice – President.

Larry Nelsen made a motion to donate to the Adams Class Veterans Association, seconded by Jim Haag. A discussion was held as to what the Dollar amount would be; it was decided to donate $2500.00 at this time.

There being no more business to conduct , a motion was made by Larry Nelsen and seconded by Mike Haloski, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM

Secretary Roy Hoffman