2007 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough (DDG – 20)
2007 Annual Meeting
September 20, 2007

President Pat Taylor called the meeting to order at 0930.

All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Secretary read the minutes from 2006 meeting, Zelt Dunbar made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Mike Muloski, motion carried.

The Treasurers Report was read by VP Chip Chapin, a motion by Jack Maguire to accept the report, seconded by Jim Haag, motion carried.

Committee Reports

Sun Shine Committee, Earl Hall reported he sent flowers to two people.

Scholarship Committee, Chip Chapin presented the form the committee plans on using. They answered questions about what they are planning for a process. A motion was made by Jack Maguire to allow the committee to continue working on the procedure to distribute the scholarships, Seconded by Mike Muloski, Motion carried.

2007 Reunion Committee, Jack Maguire reported that he would have records as to what was bought and what was used for next year’s committee.

Old Business

First order of business was the By-laws up dating. Roy read and talked about the changes that were found in the past meeting minutes and those recommended by the officers.
Article 1 was changed from Purpose to Mission Statement.
Article 4 Officers, an oath of office was added,
Article 5 Officers duties direct the President to hold an officers meeting to set the agenda and review agenda items before the annual meeting. The duties for the secretary and Treasurer were split.
Article 8 was amended to add mountain to the Pacific Time zone and that reunion city would be decided by majority vote.
Article 9 words were added to say that changes made to the by-laws will be submitted to the president before the executive meeting held before the annual meeting.
Grammar corrections were made through out the By-laws.
A motion was made by Jack Maguire to accept the amended by-laws, seconded by Jim Haag, Motion carried unanimously.

A discussion was held about the web site and improvements that could be done. Tom Weaver made a motion give Bob Shanahan a stipend of $500.00 for taking care of the web site, seconded by Robert Franklin, motion carried.

The Secretary will maintain a list of deceased shipmates.

New Business

The 2008 reunion committee will be the Rodells and Taylors.

Election of Secretary – Roy Hoffman was nominated and elected
Election of Treasurer – Bill Biller was nominated and elected.

For the good of the Association

Dues for 2008 was discussed and Jack Maguire made a motion to set the dues at $10.00 a year and life membership would be $100.00. Motion was seconded. Motion carried

Secretary Roy Hoffman