2006 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough DDG – 20
Minutes of the 2006 Reunion Meeting
Las Vegas NV

Vice President Pat Taylor called the meeting to order at 0845 on September 14, 2006.

All present stood and recited the pledge of allegiance and a prayer was read.

The secretary’s report was read; a motion was made by Zelt Dunbar and seconded by Jack Maguire to accept the report as read.

The Treasure’s report was read and a motion was made and seconded to accept the Treasurers Report.

Old Business

A discussion was held about the updating of the By-laws.  The Officers’ would work on them and report next year.

Larry Nelson made a motion that the President or Vice-President appoints a person to fill an empty position as needed, until the next election.  It was seconded by Zelt Dunbar and motion carried.

Zelt Dunbar made a motion that the Officers’ be left the same for next year, seconded by Robert Crooks.  Motion failed by hand vote.

Zelt Dunbar made a motion that President and Vice-President be elected every two years with a term limit of four years, seconded by Larry Nelson, motion carried.

Jack Maguire made a motion that dues be $10.00 a year or they can buy a LIFE-TIME MEMBERSHIP for $100.00, seconded by Larry Nelson, motion carried.

New Business:

There was a discussion about establishing a scholarship for our children and grand children etc. The President would appoint a committee to explore the idea.

A discussion was held as to where to hold the 2007 Reunion.  A vote was taken of the following cities that sent in a proposal.
Nashville = 34
Baton Rouge = 8
Corpus Christi = 3
St. Charles, MO = 28
Memphis = 4
The President appointed Jack Maguire Chairman of the 2007 Reunion Committee with Zelt Dunbar and Roy Hoffman to assist.

Jack Maguire recommended that the Association present a plaque to Chuck Artis for his years of Service to the Organization.

There was a suggestion that the Association set up a bulletin board on our web site.

Larry Nelson suggested the Association establish a “Two Bell Ceremony” to honor our shipmates who have passed away.

Nominations for President were called for Larry Nelson nominated Pat Taylor, hearing no other nominations Jack Maguire made a motion to close the nominations and cast a unamous vote for Pat Taylor to be President.

Nominations for Vice President were called for with the following being nominated, Earl Hall Declined, Chip Chapin, Jack Maguire Declined, Tom Weaver Declined, and Mike Cava. A vote was taken and Chip was elected Vice President.

The President acknowledged the Weavers for the work they did to organize a great reunion, it was the largest attendance since we had been holding reunions.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Roy Hoffman