2005 Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting July 26, 2005
President Chuck Artis called the meeting together at 0900 to discuss the issue of making the spouses eligible to join the Goldsborough Association. After some discussion a motion was made by a member that the spouse could join, be a voting member, and hold all offices except President and Vice President. Another member second the motion. The vote on the motion was unanimous. The president asked for a volunteer to record the minutes of the regular meeting because our Secretary/Treasurer could not attend the reunion and Roy Hoffman accepted the position. The meeting was then adjourned at 0955.


Meeting July 28, 2005

President Chuck Artis called the meeting together at 0835 with 28 shipmates and spouses present.

All present stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States.

Chuck acknowledged the thank you cards received this past year from shipmates who were sent flowers while sick or in the hospital.

There were no secretary and treasurers reports available from the 2004 reunion.

The President reported that we had approximately $6000 in our account before the bills were paid for the 2005 reunion.

Pat Taylor gave a ship store report and stated that all items would be available on the internet at http://www.ussgoldsborough.com . He also asked if we would have any objections to making the items available to other ship organizations in our class. Hearing none he would move forward on that. Profits from the sale of items would come to the USS Goldsborough Association. The President thanked him for all his efforts.

The President then asked that everybody help us keep up the web site list of addresses both e-mail and regular, so we can keep everyone interested in the doings of our organization.

Bob Shanahan jack_tar@hotmail.com needs our help with information for the newsletters. Any stories that should be told or are now time to be told would be appreciated.

The President then reviewed the by-laws and the minutes from past meetings and noted the changes that are needed to be made to our by-laws current. It was decided that Officers would review and present the updated by-laws to be voted on at the reunion meeting in 2006.

President asked if it was a good idea to send out postcards to all personal listed on the web site to notify them that their dues is due and maybe a newsletter with the happenings at the 2005 reunion, this could generate more interest in the reunions.

The Tin Can Sailors organization asked to use our mailing list to send out information to our members about their organization. After some discussion the letter was tabled for lack of a motion. We will continue to encourage our members to be aware of the Tin Can Sailors. There web site is at http://destroyers.org

Our senior E-4 Earl Hall has been doing a great job recruiting new members, but we all need to help bring in more interested shipmates.

The president then opened up the floor for suggestions as to where next years reunion should be held. The following cities were nominated, Colorado Springs, Denver, Reno, Las Vegas, Spokane, Missoula, San Francisco, San Diego, and Salt Lake City. The president then asked everyone present to vote for three and the following three received the most votes Colorado Springs, Denver, Las Vegas. Then a vote was taken and Las Vegas won the vote.

Pat Taylor made a motion that our reunion should be held during the months of September and October. The motion was seconded by Chip Chapin. After some discussion the motion was unanimously accepted.

Zelt Dunbar made a motion that the job of Secretary/Treasurer be split that two people could hold the jobs. Earl Hall second the motion. The motion was voted on and it carried.

Next was election of officers.
Roy Hoffman was nominated, hearing no other nominations Roy was “elected” to Secretary.
Nominations were then opened for Treasurer; Bob Crooks and Melba Dunbar were nominated. Bob Crooks was elected to the position of Treasurer.
Nominations were then opened for Vice President; Pat Taylor was nominated hearing no other nominations Pat was elected to Vice President.
Then Chuck Artis turned the chair over to Pat for nomination for President, Chuck Artis was nominated, hearing no other nominations Chuck was elected to President.
Pat Taylor then turned the chair back to Chuck.

A motion was made by Earl Hall and seconded by Jim Haag to destroy the ballots, motion carried and the Secretary did so.

With no other business to come before the group, a motion was made by Bob Crooks and seconded by Earl Hall to adjourn.

Secretary Roy Hoffman