2004 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough (DDG-20) Association
Meeting Minutes
09 September 2004
5th Annual Reunion
San Antonio, Texas

President Chuck Artis called the meeting to order at 1300 hours.

Secretary/Treasurer Jack Maguire read the minutes for the last meeting, A motion was made by Jim Cole seconded by Steve Flanigan that the minutes be accepted as written, there being no objections the motion carried.

Secretary/Treasurer Jack Maguire read the Treasurers report.  A motion made by Charlie Hipp that that the report be accepted as read. There being no objections, the motion passed.

Had a moment of silence for those shipmates who had passed on to CINC Heaven.

Read letters of Correspondence from Ron Hansen, Geo. Sullivan on behalf of the Arizona Memorial, Sue Frost widow of Capt. John Frost, USN (RET), and Capt. Rentz.

Tom Weaver will investigate the possible of a cruise for the 2006 Reunion.

President Chuck reported on his attendance at Reunion Coordinators Workshop.

After much discussion a vote was taken and the 2005 reunion will be in Philadelphia.  A motion was made by Jack Maguire and seconded by Earl Hall that Chuck Artis be the permanent reunion coordinator thru 2006. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Earl Hall and seconded by Jim Cole that the dues were they were. The motion Failed.

A motion was made by Adm. Lutermilch and seconded by Steve Flanigan to make the dues FREE for the first year. The motion carried.

A motion made by Jack Maguire and seconded by Charlie Hipp that Chuck Artis and Pat Taylor continue as President and Vice President respectfully.
The motion carried by acclamation.

Jim Cole made a motion on a donation to a Tom Pelton Memorial. There was no seconded.

The next meeting will be at the 2005 reunion.
Meeting was a adjourned at 1456 hours.

Signed by John R. Maguire
Secretary/ Treasurer