2003 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough (DDG-20) Association
Meeting Minutes
26 August 2003
4th Annual Reunion
Portland, Oregon

President Chuck Artis called the meeting to order at 2100 Hrs.
A moment of silence was ob served for all our shipmates who have joined CINC Heaven, as their names were read.
The pledge of allegiance was lead and recited by Michael Maguire.

Past President Tom Weaver was presented a plaque for his service to the Association.

Bob Shanahan was presented a plaque for his starting and maintaining of the website and dedication to the Association.

Secretary Treasurer Jack Maguire read the minutes of the last meeting.  A motion was made by Larry Nelson seconded by Mike Cava that the minutes be approved as written.  Motion passed.

Secretary Treasurer Jack Maguire presented the treasurers’ report.  As of the close of business on 08/26/2003 the bank balance was $4,884.40.  There is one outstanding bill to “The River Place Hotel” for banquet of approximately $2,000.00.  A motion was made by Roy Hoffman and seconded by Larry Nelson the report be accepted as read.  Motion Passed.

V.P. Pat Taylor reports that the SHIPS Store is in good shape with plenty of itemsl.  An order form will be available on the website soon.

Sunshine Chairman Earl Hall reports that there has been only one need for flowers since our last meeting.  Capt. Allen the ships first Commanding Officer.  (May he Rest In Peace)

Old Business
No old business items.

New Business
Bob Shanahan needs help with the Association Newsletter.  Send articles to him for inclusion in the newsletter.  The website is up for renewal.  The renewal will be made for 15 years at a cost of @$139.00.  It was also stated that lots of wrong e-mail addresses are on the website.  If your address has changed, let the Webmaster Bob know.

A vote was taken that the 2004 USS Goldsborough Reunion be held in San Antonio, Texas.  Pat Taylor will coordinate.

A motion was made by Larry Nelson that the dates be August 22-27 2004.  There was no second and after much discussion the motion was withdrawn.

A motion was then made by Jim Cole seconded by Jack Maguire to allow V.P. Pat Taylor to set the dates.  Motion passed.

Election of Officers.
The only officer position open for election is the office of Secretary/Treasurer.  Nominations were opened. Jim Cole nominated Jack Maguire.  There were no other nominations. A motion to close the nominations was made by Sunbu and seconded ;by Earl Hall.  There being no other nominees, Jack Maguire is elected by acclamation.

Chuck Artis was bullied into being the coordinator for the 2005 reunion in the Eastern Time zone.

A motion was made and seconded that the Association donate $250.00 to the Arizona Memorial.  There being no objection, the motion passed.  Mike and Jan Crumpton offered to match the donation of $250.00 thru a donation to the Association.

A motion was made by Tom Weaver seconded by Jim Cole to donate $500.00 to Tin Can Sailors Association.  There being no objection, the motion passed.

A postcard will be sent to those members of the association whose dues are in arrears, re:  payment of dues.

It was asked that anyone interested in being a group leader for their years on the Goldsborough as an Association  recruiter, contact Bob Shanahan or Chuck Artis…

There was a discussion on the “Lone Sailor”.  Bob Shanahan will arrange a link to their website.

A motion was made by Jim Cole seconded by Larry Nelson to table discussion of a donation to the Adams Class effort until next year.  There being no objection, the motion passed.

The next meeting will be at the 2004 reunion.

Meeting adjourned at 2200 Hrs.

Respectfully submitted,
Jack Maguire
Secretary Treasurer