2002 Meeting Minutes

USS Goldsborough (DDG-20) Association
Meeting Minutes

11 September 15,2002
3rd Annual Reunion
Virginia Beach, VA

President Tom Weaver called the meeting to order at a1605 Hrs.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Charles Hipp asked for a prayer led by Pat Taylor

Secretary/ Treasurer Jack Maguire read the minutes of the last meeting.  The minutes were approved with the correction in paragraph 9 (the word coast should have read cost).

Secretary/Treasurer Jack Maguire presented the treasurer’s report.  As of the close of business on 09/10/2002 the bank balance was $5,050.07.  There are two outstanding bills.  Tom Weaver $44.04 for phone, $6.80 for stamps for a tital of $50.84 and $507.76 to “The Catering Company” for our banquet.

Old Business:
Item #8 of the By-Laws, which was changed last year, needs to be revisited.   The wording leaves some ambiguity in the meaning of (…in line with “Tin Can Sailors”.  The question – Does this wording mean we must meet with “Tin Can Sailors” or does it just mean in the same time zone?
After much discussion a motion was made “to leave the by-laws as is with out change,  The motion failed.  After more discussion a motion was made to amending the by-laws Item #8 to read…(in line with the “Tin Can Sailors” zone rotation but not necessarily at the same location).  The motion passed. The required 2/3 present and voting being in favor.

New Business
A motion was made that the 2003 USS Goldsborough Reunion be held in Portland, Oregon with the “Tin Can Sailors”.  The motion passed.  Chuck Artis will coordinate

Election of Officers. President Tom Weaver resigned his post as president.

Chuck Artis was voted into the office of President by acclamation.  Pat Taylor was nominated for the office of Vice-President.  The nomination was seconded.  Pat Taylor was elected unanimously.

Jack Maguire was continued in his third year by acclamation.

Vice-President Pat Taylor made a motion that a plaque and letter of appreciation be prepared for Past-President Tom Weaver.  Also that a permanent plaque listing officers of the organization be made. The motion passed.  The officers will attempt to develop a suitable plaque.

A motion was made that a moment of silence and the reading of shipmate’s names that have joined the staff of “CINC Heaven” become part of our meetings on a regular basis.  Passed.

A motion was made that the “Sunshine” period of sending flowers extend from reunion to reunion.

A motion was made to develop a certificate for Lifetime membership (non-voting) be developed for the widows of deceased members.  Passed.

The next meeting will be at the 2003 reunion.

Meeting adjourned at 1833.

Respectfully submitted,
Jack Maguire